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Our Medical Services – My Hamilton Doctor

Our Medical Services

Gage Medical Center

Medical Piercing

We provide medical and professional piercing for kids and adult with European and American high quality products. We are using Blomdhal, which is European Brand and Studex which is American Brand. We use anesthetic cream to reduce the pain, and sterile method to minimize risk of infection.

General Family Practice

Find information about your general health, physical and screening for preventable disease and conditions, cancers, infections and so.

Diabetic Follow Up

Diabetes type 2, is one of the most common condition. If you have diabetes, you need regular visit, ideally every 3 months. There are many new medications for diabetes with very good result.

Travel Counseling

If you are going to a vacation or visit your home country, you may need to get some vaccine to protect yourself and your family from epidemic diseases. Book an appointment for travel counseling to make sure you are immune against local diseases.

TB Test for Employment & Students
TB test is done in our clinic for work, school or medical reason. Please contact our office to book an apt. Urgent need for TB test can be accommodate to be done on the same day without appointment.
Annual Checkup

Is part of our routine services, including preventable screening, such as colon cancer screening, breast cancer screening and cervical cancer screening.

Wound Care

We provide general information and recommendation about managing wound.

Drivers’ Medical/Physical

Driver’s physical exam will be performed for all patients, regardless if you are my regular patient or you are walk-in patient. You can book an appointment for driver’s medical in our clinic, even if you are not my patient. If you need the driver’s medical to be done urgently, please inform my receptionist, I will see you the same day or next day for Driver’s medical. This service is not covered by OHIP.

Lumps & Bumps Removal

We remove small lumps and bumps and moles. To discuss which one is medically required and which one is cosmetic, you need to see your doctor.


Circumcision done in our clinic with the BEST METHOD, with BEST RESULT. I perform Circumcision for neonate and kids up to age of 2 months. Please book an appointment as soon as your baby boy was born.


We provide Vaccination to kids and adults, including regular scheduled immunization from birth, boosters and adult immunization and travel vaccination, Shingles vaccine, Flu shots. Covid Vaccine is provided in the clinic pharmacy.

Suture / Stitches

If you have any laceration that may need suture, I may be able to do it. Any laceration needs to be closed within 24 hours, and ideally within 12 hours of laceration for the best result. If you can’t come to our office, you need to go to emergency. For suture removal, please book an appointment.

Kids Health & Immunization

Kids regular visit and immunization is part of our services. I will see children from birth for regular visits until adulthood. I also provide management for acute and chronic conditions.

Women Health
We provide general information related to Women’s and girls health, with links to useful information to public.
Mental Health
Am I depressed? Do I have Anxiety? Do I have ADHD? Mental health diagnosis and treatment is provided in our clinic. There are many resources for mental health. Links for some of these resources are available here. You can check to see if you have any of these conditions. If so you can book for a visit. Remember to have result of the questionnaire with you.
Wart & Corn Treatment

If you have wart or corn, we can help you with different method, the best is LIQUID NITROGEN WITH GUN, which is available in our clinic.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag and moles and skin lesions can be removed in our clinic. I use Liquid Nitrogen with special gun, or use electrocautery and or use surgery for skin lesions. This service is not covered by OHIP for most cases.

Chronic Disease Management

Dietary Counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cardiovascular Risk Factor Assessment, Self-Management Series, Exercise Guidance, Education series on various chronic diseases.

Cosmetics Mole Removal

Benign moles on you face or any part of your body can be removed in our clinic with different methods. The best result is done by CyroSuccess, an European device using liquid nitrogen. This service is not covered by OHIP, but will be affordable for most people compare to very expensive clinics

Smoking Cessation Counseling

Are you ready to quit smoking? Do you know how many disease you may get, if continue smoking. To discuss about how I can help you to quit smoking, book an appointment for Smoking Cessation.