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Our Medical Piercing – My Hamilton Doctor

Our Medical Piercing

Medial Piercing in Gage Medical Center, Hamilton

Medical Ear Piercing for All Ages

Steps for Ear Piercing;

1. Marking The spot where you want to have your ear piercing is marked using a surgical marking pen.

2. Cleansing The skin is thoroughly cleansed using alcohol swabs.

3. Sterile Piercing The ear piercing is done using sterile ear piercing jewelry, which is placed in a sterile, single-use piercing holder. The parts that you come into contact with are taken directly out of sterile packaging.

4. Both Ears Pierced No more doubts or fear before getting the other ear pierced. It is quicker and feels safer and gentler for children. (May not be available)

Safe, Sanitary, Virtually Painless

Our medical piercing process includes these steps:

Precisely determine the placement of both earrings and mark the spots.

Use topical anesthetic to reduce pain.

Use anti-septic to prevent infection.

Place the piercing on your desired location.

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